J.V. Nelson

Artists Statement

I don't set out to produce are in reference to one subject or another. Rather, I look for a story to be told in drawing. I am constantly looking for ways for the observer to be where I was feel a connection when they step in front of my work. I'm never without a sketchbook in hand. I am continuously drawing. Some drawings remain sketches and others are developed into more in-depth ideas, detailed images, or block-prints.

In the beginning, it wasn't my plan to be an "environmental" artist of to create artwork relating to the human spirit. However, as my portfolio developed, I began to notice a pattern. My work tends to focus on the light, pattern, texture and color created by the mood it portrays. I strive to depict a pasitive message: "the persistence of nature and man to adjust to change."

Throughout my education, the only class I really paid attention to was art. I was not interested in anything else. I was obsessed with drawing and creating.

My subject matter is sometimes about the human spirit, weak and strong, and how they feel about themselves and how they relate to others. My work has developed and evolved over time.

I attended Dana College and the University of Minnesota as well as colleges in South Dakota. I spent 7 years working and studying in Japan. There I studied the traditional arts of pottery and woodblack printing. Recently,  I have been drawing weekly with and artists group. I am part of the Plein Air Artists of SD.

It is hard to explain a piece of artwork. There are no right or wrong meanings because each viewer sees somethings a bit different because of his experiences and perceptions.