Stacey Evangelista is the Artist in Residence at A4A


Stacey Evangelista

Artist Statement

“It has been said that a picture can tell a thousand words. Through art a story can be told, specific details can be shared, and emotions may even be conveyed. In my work I try to express how I perceive the environment around me; a friend, yesterday’s sunset, a dish on the table, etc. My hope is that the moments I share create a sense of peace to the viewer – a peace worth remembering.”
Stacey Evangelista

Artist Bio

Stacey Evangelista resides in Sioux Falls, SD. Her studio is located downtown Sioux Falls off 8th Street. Drawing since the age of 4, she has steadily been developing her skills as an artist. Today her subjects are primarily the human figure, but not limited to. In 2010 Ms. Evangelista had her first solo-show at the Washington Pavilion, Visual Arts Center.

As a member of the South Dakota Artists Alliance (SDAA,; Stacey currently holds the title SDAA Communications Coordinator.